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My event is only going to have a handful of people, do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?
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What is the fire risk assessment for?
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Can I complete my own fire risk assessment?
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Event Fire Risk Assessment

If you’re planning an event open to the public it’s a legal requirement for you to have a fire risk assessment. The risk assessment must be carried out by a qualified professional and takes into account all sorts of factors such as the number of people attending, the venue and the nature of the event to determine the level of cover needed to run the event safely and within the law.


Corporate Fire & Events Ltd carry out fire risk assessments every day for events large and small, indoor and out. Our highly dedicated team of ex-fire service professionals bring to each job a level of knowledge that cannot be matched and allows us to provide our clients with a realistic assessment of their requirements.

If you’re planning an event and would like to learn more about fire risk assessments please get in touch.  All of our advice is free and carries no obligation.

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