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My event is only going to have a handful of people, do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The simple answer is yes. Every event or gathering of people must have a Fire Risk Assessment as stated by the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) order 2005.

What is the fire risk assessment for?

The Fire Risk Assessment is an inspection of the fire safety hazards and an action plan of way to tackle potential problems.

Can I complete my own fire risk assessment?

Yes providing you can prove competence in fire safety and health and safety.

How can I work out how many fire extinguishers I need?

This is why you need a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment, the findings and action plan coupled with the knowledge of our fire risk assessors will determine the quantity based on the risk.

Do I need different types of fire extinguisher?

More than likely. One of the guidelines of the RRO 2005 states you must provide an alternative means of fire fighting for every type of fire.

Do my staff need any special training to use the fire extinguishers?

Yes, anyone expected to use a fire extinguisher must have received basic fire marshal training. It’s not only the use of the extinguishers but assessing the fire and techniques.

I need a lot of fire extinguishers, can you provide them?

Yes, we have access to a number of direct suppliers and hold a substantial stock.

I can provide my own staff, do they need any special training?

As with anything training is vital but especially when it comes to fire. If someone was to get injured as a result of no training the implications can be quiet serious.

Can you provide fire fighting teams?

All our staff are either serving of ex members of the UK fire services and we provide fire fighting teams to a number of specialist events including air shows and airports.

How do I know how many fire fighters my event will need?

One of our dedicated Corporate Fire & Events managers will visit you to discuss the event and will ask a number of questions regarding the amount of people expected, amount of people camping, significant hazards etc. All the questions will result in a final calculation which gives you the amount of staff and vehicles required.

If there’s a fire at my event, do I have to call the fire brigade if we can deal with it ourselves?

If you have one of our events teams on site then you won’t need to worry, they will take care of everything from dealing with the fire to calling the fire service if they are required.

Why is incident recording important?

Incident recording is vital for any event because it monitors any trends occurring, areas of concern, injuries, etc. also it will help with the event debrief to make changes for the following year. 

What sort of medical staff do I need at my event?

Again as with anything it comes down to the pre-event assessment but every event requires a minimum of first aiders and sufficient equipment to deal with most injuries.

I’m planning a dance music event, can I get specialist medical staff?

Yes, we have a team of medics ranging from basics Dr’s, Clinical Nurses, Paramedics down to EMT’s and basic first aiders plus all our Fire Fighters are trained by the ambulance services as FPOS.

How can I work out how many medical staff I’ll need?

This comes down to the pre-event assessment and the amount of people expected at your event. A lot of the decision process comes down to your risk assessments.

I’m working on a large site, can you provide staff with their own transport?

Yes, all our staff have the use of our own specialist equipment from 4x4 fire vehicles to full size fire engines and land ambulances.

The event site is on soft ground, can you provide all terrain vehicles?

Yes, we have a number of all-terrain vehicles including quad bikes and 6 wheel drive fire equipment.

How can I work out how many vehicles I need?

This will be based on the amount of staff required and the size of the venue. The aim is to be able to reach all areas of the site in the event of an emergency as quick and safely as possible.

How do I make sure I have enough water for fire safety purposes?

You won’t need to worry about water, our vehicles all have the capacity to carry their own water and we will locate additional water supplies prior to the event starting. We can also provide a standing fire engine with extra supplies of water should we require it.

I’m putting on a large event, do I need my own fire engine?

Dependent on the findings and action plan of the Fire Risk Assessment we will advise if we think it’s required. Not all events need a fire engine but if the risk is high then we can supply a fully kitted fire appliance.

I’m putting on an air show, do I need any specialist equipment or staff?

Yes, air shows are classed as high risk due to the nature of the event and the amount of people likely to be present. The regular fire service are quite often made aware of any events like this but additional provisions are often advisable.

What size of aircraft are you able to work on?

We can work on any aircraft up to 40meters however as with any emergency we will commit our crews to any type of incident as long as it’s safe to do so. All our fire crews are either current or ex fire service personnel therefore their knowledge is unrivalled.

Can you provide vehicles that can move around a large airfield?

Yes, all our vehicles can circumnavigate any airfield to reach incidents including those that are off the runway.