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My event is only going to have a handful of people, do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?
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How can I work out how many fire extinguishers I need?
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Can you provide fire fighting teams?
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TV & Film Cover

Corporate Fire & Events are available to cover TV and Film work whether on or off screen.

On Screen

We can provide Fire men or women as well as all fire fighting equipment or props to appear on screen in many scenarios. We can also train all people involved in a scene such as road traffic accident, explosions and fires to ensure it is depicted as accurately as possible. We can also provide uniforms and props for any actors that would be working on the scene. 

Off Screen

Corporate fire & events ltd can also supply fire cover off screen, we can supply engines and hoses and are able to produce wet downs or a rain effect. We will put fully qualified people in place to ensure any stunts or explosions take place as safely as possible. We can also arrange for fully qualified medical cover to be on hand. 

Health & safety

We are fully qualified to undertake safety audits and fire risk assessments, in completing a fire risk assessment the producer will have all required information to assesshow each scene will impact upon the safety of crew and enable all eventuality’s to be covered.


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